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By Amishi Natani, PA-C. What is the Biochemic System: Biochemic Therapeutics is based on the philosophy that the structure and vitality of the.
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Just as you turn pages of a book, swipe the chapters condensed in one single mobile app. Seamless interface makes it delightful to read. The interface comes with options for font size and style, highlights, brightness controls to enjoy hassle-free reading. If the case is acute, a prescribed dose is dissolved in water and given to the patient in small teaspoon doses every hour or so until relief is seen.


In the chronic cases the prescribed salt is given in the prescribed dose three to four times a day. This is continued for a month or more. The usual precautions about food or drink one half hour before and after also apply. At times if a more profound effect on the body is desired a 3x or 4x potency may be used; however, for self care it is advisable to stay with the 6x potency. The Twelve Tissue Remedies of Schuessler by Boericke and Dewey is available from several publishers, in Homeopathic pharmacies and in many health food stores.

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It covers the theory, therapeutic application, materia medica and a complete repertory of these remedies homeopathically and biochemically considered. There are also multiple pamphlets and handbooks.

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A short amount of study will allow one to use these alternative remedies for many conditions. The remedies can be inexpensively purchased from homeopathic pharmacies and many health food stores.

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Since these are natural constituents of the body rather than foreign drugs, there is very little possibility of harm in the use. Clearly presented and well worth having if you are interested in using these remedies effectively. Another blinder from Margaret Roberts, full of wisdom and recipes and wonderful, wonderful tissue salt lore! This book is definitely my new favourite. An essential book in your Tissue Salts collection full of gems of wonderful information. This booklet is a user-friendly account of the Biochemic Therapy system and how to apply it both alone and with homoeopathic treatment. A study of the chemistry of the tissues and the Biochemical Therapy that has arisen from it.